First, my name is John Stasulli…and I have a problem.. the best problem EVER!  I’m a runner!  I am married to my  beautiful wife Elizabeth, have three amazing kids (who are all grown), and 3 1/2 dogs.   2 Labs, a Husky Something-or-other, and a Maltese (now you know where the 1/2 comes from).

So why in the world do I run!?  To start the discussion on my current life, we need to go back to my previous life.   I retired from the Army as an Infantryman after 14 years and ran throughout my time in the Army… To make it short; I DESPISED RUNNING!  There was nothing I hated more than running every morning with my various units.  For me, simply running 2 miles during Physical Training (PT) was dreadful.

Seriously.. why in the world would you want to run anywhere!   Oddly enough, when I retired in 2004 I realized that the PT that I endured in the Army was actually keeping me in some type of shape and when I retired, I quickly discovered that without PT, my body took on another “shape”.   Here is where my journey began.  (No…we are not sharing those pictures!)  😀

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