I made it…Running Asscrackistan!

Well it has been a little over a month since my last race report about Sugarloave’s Ultra Vista and thought it was about time that I share with everyone a little about where I will be sleeping (and training) until the end of the summer. My latest journey began on February 13th when I deployed out of Fort Bliss, TX headed for Asscrackistan.   This is the first time that I have deployed since 2010 (and honestly didn’t think I would be deploying again).  LIke everything else, things are never what you expect and always happen for a reason.   In the last 10 years I have been deployed 12 times  (If you do the math, that means I deployed 11 times in 5 years);  I deployed A LOT.   You can say that I am very familiar with both Iraq and Afghanistan.    This trip is actually being broken into 2 deployments.  I am actually turning around and coming home in April so that my wife and I can go on a cruise!!

"Home" for the next 7 months....

“Home” for the next 7 months….

Now that I have been on the ground here at Bagram Airfield a few weeks I can honestly say that things are pretty good here.  My day can be wrapped up into 4 things… Working, Eating, Sleeping, RUNNING.  The office conditions are really no different than they have always been.  Yes, the office is bigger, but it is still an office in Afghanistan.   What that means is sand, dirt, mud, and dust.. put easier.. It is Asscrackistan!  Looking around I can’t really put my finger on anything that I would change so that is a good thing!  Being that I spend about 14-15hrs in the office everyday, it better be good! I think the best part about this deployment is that I am working nights.   I work from 2000 – 0800 everyday.  In reality, that actually breaks down to about 1900 – 1000 since I have to be early and I can never seem to leave when I am supposed to.  Then again, what else am I going to do?  I never thought I would like nights but it really is PERFECT.   Working nights I can get far more work done since there isn’t as much moving around.  There are very few people in the office with me (one actually) and things like the PX are closed.   The other, and best part about working nights is I am pretty much synced up with the states.  What that means is I can talk to Liz all night long if I wanted.   On my previous deployments I was working days so she was always asleep when I was working and she was awake while I was sleeping.   This time it is AWESOME!  It also doesn’t hurt that we have commercial internet in the office!  😉    The other (much shorter part of my day) is spent in Infantry Village at my room.  This only equates to about 7hrs a day.  The ret of that time I am running or working, but when I am there things are really pretty good!

Nightstand next to my  bed!

Nightstand next to my bed!

My bed is "wrapped" in the blanket my daughter got me for Christmas :)

My bed is “wrapped” in the blanket my daughter got me for Christmas 🙂

While there is some snow... Porto-Potties are still crappy!

While there is some snow… Porto-Potties are still crappy!

View from near the office... MOUNTAINS!

View from near the office… MOUNTAINS!

Rocking the Victory Designs Trucker Hat!

Rocking the Victory Designs Trucker Hat!

My life with chicken boobs and rice!

My life with chicken boobs and rice!

Since arriving I have ventured out around the Airbase looking for loops and segments of varying distances that I can use to train on over the next 7 months. That is one of the great things about being here at Bagram. I can easily get in 8-10mi loops to do my long run training. My focus while I am here is going to be working and running (perhaps some sleep tossed in there as well). There are period races here (only 5k and 10k) but they still give me an opportunity to get out and stretch the legs. Aside from that, I have 7 months to prepare for Cactus Rose 100. While I won’t have the hills, I can work the hill training on the stair climber and treadmill. Unfortunately all of the running miles will be on the road (or shoulder of the road); no trail runs in my near future. This year has really kicked off great for me when it comes to training and running.

Running the perimeter wall on my 8.5mi loop

Running the perimeter wall on my 8.5mi loop



My loop was a tad flooded for a WEEK!

My loop was a tad flooded for a WEEK!

Ready to hit the road!

Ready to hit the road!

This year I am an ambassador for both Tailwind Nutrition and SKORA Running. I couldn’t ask for more! SKORA are my go to shoe for just about everything. I wear SKORA Forms as a daily shoe (even here in Afghanistan) and the majority of all of my training is done in either Fits or the new TEMPO! For Tailwind it is easy… It is like running without my watch…The run is just not the same if I don’t have my Tailwind. I won’t dare venture off to a hard or long run without it!! I can’t thank SKORA and Tailwind Nutrition enough and can’t wait to have them in my corner on this year’s (and many more) races! Until next time… 😉  http://www.skorarunning.com  and http://www.tailwindnutrition.com

#RunReal SKORA Ambassador!!

#RunReal SKORA Ambassador!!

2015 Tailwind Trailblazer!

2015 Tailwind Trailblazer!

Next up I will be running my Army Marathon Shadow run here at Bagram.  This isn’t an organized event but a way for me to show my support for our military as well as the Race Director, Ed Bandas.  This will be our 3d year doing the Army Marathon!  If you have not already done it, join us next year!    Registration will be opening in September!  😀 😀   Visit http://www.thearmymarathon.com for more information or get a hold of me!

Bibs are ready for The Army Marathon - Afghanistan!

Bibs are ready for The Army Marathon – Afghanistan!

Now you have an idea of my life for the next 7-8 months!   Get ready… There may be a “shoe review” coming soon 😉

Until next time, run your own run!


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