Hearing the music…

Listening to music while running or even on the trials has been a topic of discussion for some time.   There are countless reasons on why you shouldn’t wear them.   You are unable to hear your surroundings, they take away from the run, you are unable to hear people or animals behind you, or for safety reasons.   I used to religiously wear headphones (only one ear) while on the trails until my first night time trail race.   I needed to be able to hear what was going on around me and abandoned my headphones for the race.  After that race, I didn’t wear headphones for nearly a  year on any of my runs…  Then it changed!


Up to this point I would go through headphones QUICKLY.   I sweat A LOT on my runs.  Weather running a 5k or a 60k… I am soaked!   As a result I had always had problems finding headphones that would live up to the challenge.  The other problem I had was hearing others on the trail with me.   Since much of my running is on shared trails, I want to be able to hear other runners, mountain bikes, or possible animals coming up behind me.  Ok, there probably aren’t many animals chasing me on the trails, but you get the picture.   🙂   One way I tried fixing this was to remove one earbud.  Now I have a single bud that is dangling inside my singlet putting more pressure on the cord…  That ended up being problematic as well.    Once I removed the music from my runs there was no longer an issue… but I missed my music!!

This all changed when I was turned on to a new earbuds at a local race.   I was shown the Momentum Sports Earbuds  by X-1 Audio;  a pair of earbuds that are light, sweatproof, and allow you to hear your surroundings!  Really?

solution-momentum-earbudEver since I was turned onto these earbuds, they have accompanied me on all of my long runs.   In short, when wearing them I can hear my feet hitting the trail, animals moving along the brush, mountain bikes coming behind me, and even hear the conversations with those running with me.    These earbuds allow you to continue to listen to your music while still maintaining awareness of what is going on around you!  These earbuds give you the absolute best of both worlds!


The Momentum Sports Earbuds, come with 3 different fins to ensure you have a secure fit.   I did have to experiment with the adjustment and swapping out of the fins on my first few runs to get that perfect fit.  Once that fit was achieved, they have stayed in since!   The only time they come out now is when a tree branch on the trails decides that I don’t need music and they get pulled out!  🙂     They earbuds are extremely light weight and you barely notice they are in your ear! 


As I mentioned above, these earbuds allow you to not only hear your music but also hear all of your surroundings.  The sound quality is great!   Since these allow ambient noise in, they do not sound like your traditional earbuds and do not have the same level of crispness you would get from a noise canceling earbud.   I joke with a lot of people and tell them “you hear the music in your head”.   It is a very strange sensation to hear people talking to you and the music.  Rather than voices in your head, you have music in your head!   I use these only for running when I need to be aware of my surroundings and they perform absolutely perfect for that!

I would no recommend these for other situations, especially situations where you don’t want to hear anything but your music.  I was on a trip to Colorado and these were the only earbuds I packed.   Well I tried using these earbuds to watch a movie on the airplane.  I was battling between the sound of the movie and the airplane engines!   It was my own fault;  the earbuds performed exactly as they were supposed to.  🙂


I use these earbuds 5 days a week during my runs and workouts.  I wear them through my sweatfests and in the rain and I have never had any issues.  Because of how much I sweat, I actually rinse them off in the sink after every one of my runs.   The rain and water haven’t impacted the performance what-so-ever!

The cord is a tangle-free braided cord.  I have put this cord throughout he ringer.   I have had my earbuds ripped out of my ear from trees, bounced off rocks, and the cord hasn’t shown any wear at all.   There is also a reflective material in the cord, but I don’t really have a need for it since I only run trails!  Luckily there are not many cars out there 😀    Like all earbuds I am careful with how I fold them when not using them so I don’t put pressure on the plug.   


These earbuds have been perfect for me on the trails;  I can hear all of my surroundings, my feet hitting the trail, but most important… I can hear the music again!   If you are interested in trying them, talk to me about a discount!  😀


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