Start of a “Training Plan”

I wake up, look at the temperature outside, what kind of mood I am in, and whether or not I prepared my running things in advance;  These are the contributing factors on whether or not I would run that day.  THEN, once I get to the trail head I would await the question… “What are you running today?”     There was never a science to this, nothing jotted down in a log book or on a calendar; whether I ran and the distance I would run was completely dynamic.   Most times I would just run whatever others had on their training plan, but if I didn’t feel like running that long, I would simply say “oh…one or two loops.  We will see what happens”.      When you say loops, it could mean many things on our trail network.  I have run loops from 3-18 miles at Dana Peak, so even this answer was subjective.

With the completion of the El Sendero 60k I realized something.   I can go the distance,  but my training, or lack their of, really preventing me from doing well (or well enough given the beating my body had taken as an Infantryman).   My next major race is going to be Hells Hills 50mi in April (   After my 60k I still had energy left and I’m confident I could have pushed through another loop at Reveille Peak Ranch, which would have given me 50mi.    

The only way I am going to take my running tot he next level is going to be to actually train.   In order for that to happen, I needed guidance of some sort.  Having recently read Relentless Forward Progress, I decided to use one of the training plans highlighted in the book, since these plans fell in sync with my weekly running schedule perfectly!   Due to the length of the training plan, and the Hells Hills 50mi, I kicked off the training at week 9.   I already have a mileage base, so this was simply going to be a matter of following instructions without changing up my existing regime.

So I jumped into my first week of “training” and at the end of the week, felt really good.  What better week to start off a training plan, but a week where I am actually free from the stresses of work!   3 of my runs where even with Team RWB, which makes it even better!  The back to back runs this weekend were a bit tiring, but still felt good at the end of the week.   The week ended with a total of 44.4 mi with a back to back weekend runs of 12mi / 10mi.  Next weekend I have a 22mi / 5mi weekend!



Next stop… Hells Hills 50mi!

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